Dear customers,

After receiving numerous requests, we will be offering our loyal customers factory direct purchases from the suppliers we used for the eight years we were in business.  Please look for upcoming announcements.

Unfortunately, we have received notice of a website, using stolen images of Ruth’s Beauty wigs and even using the text from our closed website!  Please note that this website is in no way associated with Ruth’s Beauty.  Further, this website is not using the suppliers Ruth’s Beauty relied upon historically to bring top quality 100% human hair products with exclusive textures.  We have already received complaints about low quality products shipping on the basis of these images stolen from Ruth’s Beauty.  Buyer Beware.

Please contact us with any questions at

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We are committed to helping you find quality hair that looks good on you. When shopping on the internet, detailed, accurate description and TRUST are the most important things a business can offer in addition to quality products, so we try to offer as much detail as possible and our knowledgeable customer support staff is always delighted to answer any questions you may have.

Every aspect of Ruth’s Beauty is organized around a single purpose- bringing you beautiful hair that makes you look and feel gorgeous.

We invite you to experience the THE RUTH’S BEAUTY DIFFERENCE and shop in the privacy and comfort of your home. All packages are shipped discretely so your beauty is your business!


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